VIA BALBI: a new Italian food heaven in Brussels

Brussels, 4 June 2016

It’s Saturday. People are going around the city in a rush. Everyone wants to get to the supermarket or to the shopping streets. Shops in Brussels close at 18:00. People work until 18:00. You do the math.  I know that Saturday shopping experience can be very stressful and normally I try hard to avoid certain shopping streets but today I met some friends for coffee and we discovered peace and true dolce vita in the middle of this mess. 

At the Porte de Namur right near the the shopping street and on the corner of Avenue Louise sits this small and cozy restaurant. Via Balbi focuses on Liguria and its culinary traditions. I enjoyed speaking Italian to the lovely host and trying the best tiramisu with nutella.  The atmosphere is very relaxed. It’s truly a small oasis in the middle of the shopping street. I will come back just for a coffee and a good book in the afternoon or a slice of pizza during lunch break.

VIA BALBI, Rue de Namur, 80 – 1000 – Bruxelles, Facebook


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2 thoughts on “VIA BALBI: a new Italian food heaven in Brussels

  1. Me and my Italian boyfriend often go there for some pasta or focaccia at lunch time! I like the food, how friendly the staff is and how they furnished the upstairs 🙂 It’s a great little place. xxx

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