Jan 152018
DONKI: Mexican food anyone?

DONKI Stéphanie opens today at Chaussée de Charleroi 66, 1060 Saint-Gilles. I was invited to the tasting event for press and bloggers last Friday and I had the chance to try their delicious food. I am a big fan of Mexican cuisine, sans the spices of course, lol. The owners of the restaurant are such a lovely and smiley brother and sister with Latin American origins who got passionate about food and created this unique place. I had the chance to speak with them during the event:

The Mexican kitchen is still unrepresented on today’s market. That is why we grab this opportunity. We are completely in love with Mexican food; tacos, burritos, guacamole and homemade salsas. All of this is on our menu.

Pierre and Xiomara can count on four years of restaurant experience, thanks to the first DONKI in Leuven. Of course they dream big and won’t stop just with this investment. In June this year they will open another DONKI restaurant at Place Jourdan and they have plans for Ghent and Antwerp as well.

Entrepreneurship is in our genes. It was the combination of our Latin American roots, our true love for cooking and our own travelling experience that lead to the idea to start up DONKI.

I loved the interior too. It’s very colourful, vivid, bright and so Mexican. Hope you gonna enjoy is as much as I did. Of course the dinner didn’t pass without some funny moments. I didn’t see the instructions how to eat the burrito and made a bit of a mess, but I promise next time will read the napkin! 😀 Bonus points for the English menu, lovely costumer service and fresh ingredients. Oh yeah, I forgot the homemade lemonade! Tasty and comes in many flavours. 🙂

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