MELLOW: Morning Lemonade in a Yogurt World

Mellow is located at pl. Londres and it has been on my radar since forever. Last week I was invited for a morning coffee and I ended up there. The first impression was wow. It’s such a colorful place! It’s run by 2 sisters who are really friendly and can help you find the right topping for your yogurt or suggest you the best drinks.

Lately I am hooked up on lemonades so surprise, surprise I  didn’t go for frozen yogurt but chose their homemade lemonade. It was delicious and I highly recommend it. Of course I have to come back to try the yogurt 😀

My friend was having great ideas so we ended staying up for hours.  I decided to try the brookies (a delicious combination of a cookie and a brownie). Never had this combination before and I was pleasantly surprised. They should patent it. #greatidea

Mellow’s contacts are: Place de Londres 10, 1050 Ixelles, Belgium; ; website / facebook page

Feel free to use #bgonthemove and share your experience/ pictures from Mellow. See my pics below:

2016-04-24-19-41-32[1] 2016-04-24-19-40-15[1] 2016-04-24-19-38-48[1]2016-04-24-19-32-51[1] 2016-04-24-19-34-21[1]

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