CHOUCONUT: Lazy Sunday in Brussels

Sundays are my favourite, because I can do so many things in Brussels. This city is the best place to chill out in a rainy day. It offers great number of restaurants, cafes, delis and bars that will cheer you up offering a variety of culinary surprises.  This Sunday I was feeling like trying new places with my partners in crime.

Fully equipped with umbrella and sunglasses 😀 in the storm we had this morning,  I was running late for my meeting. I was in a rush for my coffee + cookie and I was totally not interested where exactly I was going to get them. My friend proposed the Leopold Café Presse, just on the corner of Montgomery Metro station. Easy to access, this place really took me by surprise. Not many cafes in Brussels are so cozy, stylish and offering healthy food/beverages. Okay, to be honest I realized the full potential of this place once I got my first zip of coffee and I was half eaten my cookie. 😛 I really have to go back again to make pictures for the blog. The only one I got was this one.


More pictures are available on Facebook.

Later on I said goodbye to my friend and continued to my next destination CHOUCONUT.  I wasn’t surprised that I will fall in love with this place because Sandy from SMARKSTHESPOTS recommended it recently on her blog and I totally love her „small gems“ that she finds in Brussels.

This place can be described as small, cozy, elegant and a bit mysterious. It’s the best location for a treat in a quite environment where your thoughts can fly, your mind can relax and your senses can be satisfies with the best selection of choux, cookies and donuts. They have a good collection of homemade jams and really tasty juices too.


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