Do you know your air passengers rights?

Have you experienced delays and cancellations when flying? Do you know your air passenger rights? As a frequent flier I have been in many situation where I had to check my rights and make claims with the air companies. It’s easy to find information, but the process can be long and painful.

Due to my work, I spent years giving advice to passengers and helping them to find the best solution for their complains. Personally I spent almost a year trying to get compensation from BulgariaAir for a delay of more than 5 hours. Bottom-line,  the process is long, most people don’t have any idea of their rights, what to do in case of delay or cancellation and even how to contact the company. Not to mention filling in an online form doesn’t guarantee a fast resolution of the issue and won’t prevent you from countless hours of online communication with the air company. 

Currently, Ryanair has been cancelling flights and my family is one of the affected. As they know very well the law, they have informed us more than 14 days before the flight. This does’t give us right to compensation, but they decided to give to all affected passengers a voucher for 80 euros. That’s not bad, but still it’s a big hard to cancel and change your plans. 

My tip: always check your rights. One very useful side is Your Europe, a dedicated space for citizens and their rights. This website is legit, because it’s done and maintained by the European Union.

If you are unable to find the answer to your questions and you don’t have time, I can recommend ORBIS Co. It’s Belgian start-up managed by a friend of mine.

They are a team of female legal experts with a sense of entrepreneurship, aiming to fight for passengers rights of ours and future generations of passengers, that can benefit from improvements in the quality of services and products.  

If you decide to use their service, use my promo code BGONTHEMOVE% to get 10% discount. 

DISCLAIMER: This is totally non-paid ad, just a recommendation, because I know and trust ORBIS’ team.


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