VIA BALBI: a new Italian heaven in Brussels


Brussels, 4 June 2016

It’s Saturday. People are going around the city in a rush. Everyone wants to get to the supermarket or to the shopping streets. Shops in Brussels close at 18:00. People work until 18:00. You do the math.  I know that Saturday shopping experience can be very stressful and normally I try hard to avoid certain shopping streets but today I met some friends for coffee and we discovered peace and true dolce vita in the middle of this mess.  Continue reading

MELLOW: Morning Lemonade in a Yogurt World

2016-04-24-19-35-31[1]Mellow is located at pl. Londres and it has been on my radar since forever. Last week I was invited for a morning coffee and I ended up there. The first impression was wow. It’s such a colorful place! It’s run by 2 sisters who are really friendly and can help you find the right topping for your yogurt or suggest you the best drinks. Continue reading

CHOUCONUT: Lazy Sunday in Brussels

1-1-lazy sundaySundays are my favourite, because I can do so many things in Brussels. This city is the best place to chill out in a rainy day. It offers great number of restaurants, cafes, delis and bars that will cheer you up offering a variety of culinary surprises.  This Sunday I was feeling like trying new places with my partners in crime. Continue reading

A summer getaway in Mons

15-IMG_4673Mons, the European capital of culture for 2015, was never on my travel list until this summer when I realized that I should see more of Belgium and not only the most common cities: Ghent, Bruges and Antwerp. Why am I remembering summer now you may ask?! Maybe just look out from your windows and you will get the answer. It’s the tea time of the year! Rainy and grey Brussels is the scenery for the next 6-8 months…But let’s not get too pessimistic, if you don’t like tea you can always have Netflix!
Continue reading